My Journey With God into Mindful Movement

October 16, 2020

Live is movement and movement is life.

My life hasn’t changed much because of the pandemic, yet. It’s easier commuting to work and much easier finding a parking spot close to work. Grocery shopping is an even bigger challenge that it always is for me. I am an introvert so I keep to myself as a rule. My mind is always thinking about something or daydreaming about what could be. I am doing church at home and waiting on God for the next step he wants me to take.

Right now, he is calling me to continue growing as a therapist and implement my ideas for movement in my therapy practice. I’ve decided to call it Mindful Movement. God has taught me that I have to be mindful as I move because of my degenerative disc disease in my lumbar spine. I am now implementing movement into the groups that I do at work. They are basically psychoeducation groups and I’m trying to educate them on the importance of using movement to regulate your emotions.

I’ve got some clients who have limited movement abilities . Because of my sense of how to move in my body so that it won’t hurt, helps me lead them. I understand that not all of my individual clients would benefit from mindful movement in the same way but God keeps filling my head with ideas, plans, and dreams. It’s the one time I’m completely at ease with. When I ask them all to stand and do simple things like head rolls and shoulder scrunches, I do them too and I am getting the benefits as I lead them in the exercise. They all seem to enjoy the occasional change from sitting in a chair talking to actually moving their body and creating some increased blood flow to their brains. I still dream of doing way, way more, but not with the population that I am referring to here.

I am seeing positive changes in my clients and trying to be a light for God. I strive to create a space for safety and healing. I also want to be the calm in the storm because worrying about what happens tomorrow or what happened yesterday, does no one any good. I am learning to release the anxiety I see other’s fighting. I don’t know why God has chosen to bless me with this peace but I feel it’s one thing I can offer.

I am doing my part by social distancing and keeping my hands clean. I hope everyone will do the same. Be smart. Don’t panic. Think before you act. In the end, we win, because we get to be with God.

Do NOT Panic

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Continuing My Journey

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Moving Toward Cohesion

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