Astounded by His Love

I am astounded by God’s agape love.  Less than 24-hours past the point where I thought God had closed all doors to getting hired as a therapist, I was offered a position at the company I most wanted to work with. 

Yesterday, I was looking through my emails for companies who were hiring and I came upon one that stated that a company was looking for a therapist.  I had just had two interviews with this company in the past two weeks!  I had not heard back from them.  Discouraged but determined, I filled out the application again and wrote a new specific cover letter stating that I had been interviewed before.  In this cover letter, I requested a response because, as I told them, I knew I could do the job and that I just needed someone to believe in me and hire me.  After I submitted the application and cover letter, I decided to go for a walk around my neighborhood.

I had gotten to my lowest point after months of trying to stay hopeful and positive and really had resigned myself to the idea that no one was going to hire me as a therapist. I cried out to God and pleaded with him to just talk to me and tell me what I should do.  I took a long walk around my neighborhood and later posted my thoughts about my career on my blog, GodStrongDance.

This morning around 10:00 a.m., I received a call from the company I just written to yesterday, offering me a part-time job as therapist.  All this time I had been just waiting for some company, someone, to believe in me and hire me as a therapist.   In my blog post, I talked about how God had revealed to me that he had given me all I needed to and that I just needed to believe in myself and give birth to the things he was showing me I could do. 

The details of this job offer are perfect for me.  I have a view of the ocean as I drive to the location.  The view from where I’m traveling is beautiful.  My view of the ocean is really indescribable because it goes much deeper to a spiritual level.  On a clear day, the color of the ocean is the most beautiful blue turquoise that I have ever seen.  During my drive to the second interview, there were a few clouds in the sky and the ocean looked a different shade of blue, more like a baby blue.  But the ocean, is the number one perfect place for me to work because I love it so much and my office will be less than a mile to ocean.

The second perfect detail is the fact that it is part-time.  Because here again, God is giving me time to do GodStrongDance on the side and not lose sight of he wants for me.  The third perfect detail is that I will be working with a population of adults, which was my ultimate goal.  I’ve long been averse to working with children and always just wanted to work with adults.  The fourth perfect detail is that it pays well.  I won’t state the number because I feel it’s tacky and the amount doesn’t really matter.  The point is that it is a livable wage and will allow me to continue my life just as I have been living it, economically anyway.

The fifth perfect detail is that I will have an opportunity to facilitate creative dance at the same time I am practicing psychotherapy.  Due to legal reasons, until I am a registered dance movement therapist (R-DMT), I cannot call it “dance therapy” but I can just call it teaching creative dance until then.  The sixth perfect detail is that I don’t have to report to work the first day until 10:00 a.m.  I am not a morning person and that has been my assumption all along that I would have to get up early every morning again.  I did it for more than 40 years so I know I can do it.  It is just one of those things that I wanted to change like I changed my career. 

I am actually not sure of the regular start times for my position but I do know that I will be given the opportunity to go full-time after a trial period.  Which leads me to the seventh perfect detail of this job.  As lacking in self-confidence as I am about actually being successful in this career, a part-time temporary position is really perfect all around.  People need to be treated by someone who is confident in their abilities.  I’m certain that confidence will come to me.

I have heard that the number seven is the perfect spiritual number because God created the world in seven days.  So, there are the seven perfect details of my new job. 

God is GOOD ALL THE TIME.  He loves me so much he has put me in the perfect position to begin my career as a therapist.  Never give up.  Never lose hope.  God’s got you.  And me!!

Published by Patricia Loy

I'm a woman of God following Christ's teaching despite incredible obstacles.

2 thoughts on “Astounded by His Love

  1. Congratulations! I am a music therapist and struggle with some of the same predicaments. Your posts are very encouraging to me! One thing that God is stirring up in me today is to remember this idea of “passion.” Nobody else can see the possibilities that I see…they are uniquely mine. As yours are uniquely yours. I wish you all the best in your new position and the journey beyond.


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