An Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy

THE FOLLOWING IS FROM A PAPER I WROTE RECENTLY FOR A DANCE MOVEMENT CLASS I TOOK IN BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA. An Introduction to Medical Dance/Movement Therapy by Sharon W. Goodill             All psychosocial assessment needs to take into consideration the developmental level of the child, the systems in which the child lives, and individual characteristics ofContinue reading “An Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy”

Dance Movement Therapy – A Healing Art

Dance Movement Therapy: A Healing Art by Fran J. Levy THIS IS A PAPER I WROTE FOR A DANCE THERAPY CLASS I RECENTLY TOOK.            Author Fran J. Levy writes a comprehensive chapter on using dance therapy with children in various settings.  She includes research conclusions from several contributing authors such as Suzi Tortora, Jane WilsonContinue reading “Dance Movement Therapy – A Healing Art”

Intro to Expressive Arts

I attended a weekend class at the Expressive Arts Institute in San Diego. One can be educated and registered with the state of California as an expressive art therapist, as well as a dance therapist. In psychotherapy, we communicate with our therapist by verbal discussion. In expressive arts, we use our senses to communicate withContinue reading “Intro to Expressive Arts”

What is Dance Therapy?

I get this question whenever I tell someone that I am interested in dance therapy. Dance therapy is movement therapy and was developed by a dancer for dancers. It was intended to help dancers perfect their moves but research has proven that dance therapy is not just for dancers. Dance Therapy is for anyone. TheContinue reading “What is Dance Therapy?”