It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I’ve been at my job as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist for about a year and a half now and my career focus is coming into formulation. Due to COVID, things have changed significantly with my personal goals involving my career. Because of the hoops and requirements of the ADTA, I’m no longer pursuingContinue reading “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”

Moving Toward Cohesion

MOVING TOWARD COHESION: GROUP DANCE/MOVEMENT THERAPY WITH CHILDREN IN PSYCHIATRY The above picture includes me in the group, sitting on the floor in front, and the other participants of the recent class I took in Berkeley this past month. The teacher, Bonnie Bernstein, is standing directly behind me in black.             The article written inContinue reading “Moving Toward Cohesion”

The Use of Dramatic Activities to Facilitate Dance Therapy with Adolescents

The Use of Dramatic Activities to Facilitate Dance Therapy with Adolescents             Research has shown that using dance therapy with adolescents needs to be more structured when the adolescent suffers a mood or behavior disorder.  Making a circle of all participants is rarely a good idea with this type of population and instead need task-orientedContinue reading “The Use of Dramatic Activities to Facilitate Dance Therapy with Adolescents”

An Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy

THE FOLLOWING IS FROM A PAPER I WROTE RECENTLY FOR A DANCE MOVEMENT CLASS I TOOK IN BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA. An Introduction to Medical Dance/Movement Therapy by Sharon W. Goodill             All psychosocial assessment needs to take into consideration the developmental level of the child, the systems in which the child lives, and individual characteristics ofContinue reading “An Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy”